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About Our School

Built in 1970

Mascot: Stingers

Total Enrollment: 335 students

Our School Is Proud To Offer:

Character Development Program

Oak teaches children how to be safe, respectful, and responsible everywhere all the time. Mrs. Bussard talks about how students can be safe, respectful, and responsible in areas throughout the school during morning announcements.

We also focus on a character trait each month.

Focus Room Program

At Oak we call the Focus Room “The Hive”. The Hive is a space that is utilized for many reasons. Students can go to the hive to take a break, if they need a quiet space to complete assignments,or if they need an adult to help them sort feelings or issues out. The Hive is also used as our store space, where students can go and buy items with their bee bucks.

PE Program

Our PE program focuses on activities they can use for the rest of their lives. Oak students get to use the rock wall, unicycles, and skateboards, as well as learn how to play Frisbee golf, table tennis, and other fun activities.