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January is School Board Appreciation Month. Schools say thank you, Board Members, for your time

Posted on: January 27, 2017

This month is School Board Appreciation Month. We honor the volunteers in our community who have dedicated countless hours of services to Greater Albany Schools. Our elected School Board members are dedicated to improving education for all students.

Thank you, Jerry Boehme, Frank Bricker, Sandi Gordon, Micah Smith and Lyle Utt.

At the School Board meeting on Jan. 23, students from schools around the district publicly thanked the Board for their service. Recognition activities included:

Fir Grove and Oak Grove Elementary Schools: Oak Grove Mustang backpacks and Oak Grove water bottles filled with Hershey kisses.

Lafayette Elementary School: Directors received a color photo of the students. Children wore color coded t-shirts to indicate their grade level.

North Albany Elementary: Students made a glitter poster, thank you note and gift card for each Director.

Oak Elementary School: Students created a poster depicting a very large wrist watch thanking Board Members for their time. It was signed by the kids and staff.

Periwinkle Elementary: Principal Bob Daugherty, a fifth-grade teacher and fifth-grade students delivered an electronic presentation thanking the Board for building the modular classrooms at Periwinkle School.

Timber Ridge School: Third graders made a poster for each Director. Art teacher Elizabeth Mann sewed carry bags from art canvas and the eighth graders added the design. There are also Thank You messages inside each bag.

West Albany High School: Dinner before the Board meeting was provided by the culinary arts class of West Albany High School.

Sodexo Food Service: Cookies were provided by Sodexo Food Service.


School Board honors Oak Elementary All-Stars

Posted on: January 23, 2017

On Monday, the School Board honored Student All-Stars from Oak Elementary School for earning the highest scores on the 2015-16 state assessments in reading, math and science.

Oak students (pictured from left) are Hannah Dempsey, fifth-grade math and science; Sara Nafziger, fifth-grade language arts; Izzy Amberg, third-grade math; Abby Fief, third-grade language arts; and Ryan Diller, fourth-grade language arts and math.

How do we decide school closure days?

Posted on: January 11, 2017

Safety is our number one priority, and it is the main consideration when deciding school closures due to weather.

The district carefully evaluates road conditions and weather forecasts both the night before and early in the morning of a school day. The Superintendent and Director of Transportation start driving the roads around the district starting at 4 a.m. They consider the conditions of the roads, sidewalks and parking lots in Albany and the outlying areas.

They don’t make decisions lightly, but they choose to err on the side of caution in order to keep the more than 9,000 students and staff members safe.

It is not an easy process, and we understand that it can be frustrating for many parents. Making the decision is not an easy call, but we make that decision with the best possible information available and in the best interest of student, parent and staff safety.

Read the District statement about deciding school closures due to weather:

School Closure Process

School Closure Process-Español

Oak’s Civil War Food Drive

Posted on: December 1, 2016

We had an amazing turn out for the Annual Oak Civil War Food Drive! KRKT came to pick up our food donations and we filled the truck not once, but TWICE! Thank you to our 4th and 5th grade helpers that carried boxes to the truck. And thank you Oak Stingers for doing an amazing job of bringing in those donations!


School Board honors Oak Elementary student for reporting potential weapon

Posted on: October 24, 2016

This week, the School Board recognized the responsible behavior of Ryder Robinson, an Oak Elementary School student who found and reported a replica handgun that he found on the playground.

At the time, he did not know if the gun was real, but he knew he should not touch it and he should tell an adult about it.

He attended the School Board meeting to accept his award and shake hands with Superintendent Jim Golden and all School Board Directors.

His certificate reads as follows:

The Greater Albany School Board Takes pleasure in commending Ryder Robinson, Oak Elementary School

On October 17, 2016, at Oak Elementary School, Ryder noticed what appeared to be a handgun lying on the playground. He did not touch the object and instead told a responsible adult. A police officer arrived quickly and took custody of the item which was later identified a realistic looking replica. Although not a real weapon, Ryder’s conscientious actions contributed to the safety of the students and staff of Oak Elementary School.